Transportation Cabinet [RG 2760]

Transportation Cabinet [RG 2760]


The statutory organization for the Cabinet is set forth in KRS Chapter 174. KRS 174.010 creates the Cabinet and KRS 174.020 – 174.100 outlines the various organizational components and administrative duties of the Cabinet. The Cabinet is responsible for maintaining and improving the delivery of transportation services in the state. The organizational structure of the Cabinet is as follows: the Office of the Secretary, the Office of Public Affairs, the Office of Inspector General, the Office of Budget and Fiscal Management, the Office of Legal Services, the Office for Civil Rights and Small Business Development, the Office of Information Technology, the Office of Support Services, the Office of Audits, the Office of Human Resource Management, the Office of Transportation Delivery, the Department of Aviation, the Department of Highways, the Department of Rural and Municipal Aid and the Department of Vehicle Regulation. Other bodies attached to the Cabinet for administrative purposes are the Kentucky Airport Zoning Commission, the Kentucky Motorcycle Advisory Commission for Highway Safety, the Kentucky Motorcycle Safety Education Advisory Commission, the Kentucky Bicycle and Bikeway Commission and the Kentucky Motor Vehicle Commission.

On the Cabinet's web site you can find important highway information, request a driver's history record, enroll in traffic school and more.

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