Economic Development (Cabinet for) [RG 0737]

Economic Development (Cabinet for) [RG 0737]


In 1956, the Department of Economic Development was created as the successor to the Agricultural and Industrial Development Board, which was created in 1948. In 1962, the Department was renamed the Department of Commerce. The Department was placed under the newly created Development Cabinet by Executive Order 72-1167, issued on December 22, 1972. Also included within the Cabinet were the Departments of Agriculture, Fish and Wildlife, and Parks, as well as the State Fair Board and the Bicentennial Commission.

In 1982, the Development Cabinet became the Commerce Cabinet, which was renamed in 1988 as the Cabinet for Economic Development. The Cabinet formerly included the Department of the Arts, the Tobacco Research Board, and the Kentucky Geological Survey. An Executive Order transferred the Tobacco Research Board and the Kentucky Geological Survey to the University of Kentucky. The Department of the Arts was abolished by Executive Order 90-727, which was issued on August 7, 1990. Its divisions were transferred to other areas of state government. In 1992, the Kentucky Economic Development Partnership was created as a board to govern the Cabinet, and the Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority replaced the Kentucky Development Finance Authority and the Kentucky Rural Economic Development Authority.

The Cabinet for Economic Development is the primary state agency in Kentucky responsible for creating new jobs and investment in the state. Programs administered by the Cabinet are designed to support and promote economic development within the state, primarily by attracting new industries to the state, assisting in the development of existing industries, and assisting communities in preparing for economic development opportunities. Currently, the Cabinet consists of the Office of the Secretary, the Department for Business Development, the Department of Financial Incentives and the Department of Commercialization and Innovation.

For more information on the cabinet see the agency web site.

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