Department of Confederate Pensions (1912 - 1946)

Department of Confederate Pensions (1912 - 1946)


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Application record: Passed by the Kentucky General Assembly on March 4, 1912, the Confederate Pension Act provided aid to indigent and disabled Confederate veterans and their widows. In some cases, the application and supporting documents are the only surviving records of a soldier's service. Information given on the application includes each applicant's name, address, age at time of application, military service history, superior officer's name, statements of witnesses, and a verification by the county judge. Supporting documents include affidavits, letters, birth document, marriage licenses, memoranda, and other records.

Searching: Using the e-archives software, the applicant's name ("creator" index or "author" field), county of residence, application number, date of application and military unit are indexed for searching and browsing purposes. Applications from widows of veterans are intermingled, and are identical in form and content. In the e-archives record, the veterans' name is noted if it is supplied separate from the petitioner.

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